Benefits Of Membership

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Benefits Of Membership

Membership of Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) signifies your decision to identify and associate yourself with the most knowledgeable members of Primary care Physicians in Lahore, Pakistan and overseas.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) & Professional Development:

The PAFP provides numerous Continuing Medical Education meetings 1 – 3 times a week for members free of cost acquiring high quality Medical Education that keeps your knowledge up-to-date. You can earn CME Hours by attending these Clinical Meetings.

SMS And Printing Matter

When you become a life member of PAFP you receive SMSs for all academic activities, Brochures, Magazines, News Letter and other Printed Matter regularly by mail.

Updates on Latest Issues

Members of PAFP are apprised about the latest developments in PMDC (, PMA (, Punjab Health Care Commission (, Punjab Health Foundation ( and Post Graduation in Family Medicine (

Special Discount

When you become a life member of Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians you can avail Special discounts for Conferences i.e. DOCTORSCON.


Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians organizes International Conferences on Family Medicine every year. The aim of these Conferences is sharing of information / experiences and updating knowledge on topics of current Medical/Health related issues and to award CME Hours to participants. These conferences are graced by the participation of thousands Family Physicians from all over Pakistan and abroad.